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Innovative Energy Science and Engineering (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*AIKAWA Hiroaki Professor Mathematics Potential Theory
*CHIKUMOTO Noriko Professor Superconducting Materials, Material Science, Applied Physics The mechanism and physical properties of the superconducting materials, in particular, the physics of vortex matter and flux pinning. Development of large critical current coated superconductors for practical application. Search for new high critical temperature superconducting materials.
*FUKUI Hiromichi Professor
*HAMABE Makoto Associate Professor Cryogenic Engineering Application of Superconducting System
*HASHIMOTO Shinichi Professor
*HIROOKA Yoshihiko (Yoshi) Professor Plasma and nuclear fusion engineering Plasma-materials interactions in fusion reactors
*HONDA Kiyoshi Professor Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing, Erosion Control Engineering Field Sensor Network, Crop Simulation, GPGPU, Tsunami Simulation Website
*ITO Hibiki Professor
*IZUTSU Jun Associate Professor Seismology Natural hazard, Disaster forecast
*NAKAYAMA Kazuya Associate Professor
*OSHIMA Akitoshi Associate Professor Cosmic Ray Physics and Astronomy, High Performance Computing System
*SATO Motoyasu Designated Professor
*SHIBATA Shoichi Professor Cosmic Ray Physics Observation of Solar Neutrons, Propagation of Solar Neutrons through the Atmosphere, Detection Efficiency of Neutrons
*SUGITA Satoru Associate Professor
*SUZUKI Tomoharu Associate Professor Theoretical Astrophysics Evolution of a supernova remnant
*TAKEJIMA Kiyoshi Associate Professor Forest Management, Remote Sensing, GIS GIS and Remote Sensing applications for sustainable forest management
*TANAKA Motohiko Professor Materials science, Chemical physics, Computational physics, Parallel computing Microwave-material interactions, bio-polymers, High-temperature plasmas Website
*TSUDA Ichiro Professor Complex Systems, Applied Mathematics, Neuroscience Mathematical Studies of Chaos and Complex Systems, Mathematical Study ofBrain and Mind Website
*WATANABE Hirofumi Professor Cryogenic Engineering Thermal insulation, Circulation of refrigerant
*YAMAGUCHI Satarou Professor Applied Physics Superconducting System, Radiation Detector, Energy Conversion, Transport Phenomena in Semiconductor, Data Acquisition
*YUKUMOTO Masao Professor Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Environmental Engineering, Solidification of Metals Innovative Plastic Recycling, DME Combustion, Nano-crystallization by Rapidly Solidification
*Yury Ivanov Associate Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics Long distance superconducting DC power transmission, vacuum thermal insulation, cryogenic Peltier current leads, liquid nitrogen circulation systems
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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