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Rehabilitation Sciences (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*FURUKAWA Keiko Professor Biochemistry, Glycobiology Roles and molecular mechanisms of sialic acid-containing glycosphingolipids in the malignant phenotypes of human cancer.
*HASEGAWA Ryuichi Professor Occupational therapy, Health promotion Effects of strength training on older adults
*HASEGAWA Yasuhiro Professor Clinical Neurology, Neurovegetative research Clinical Neurovegetative research, Clinical Neurological study
*ICHIHARA Masatoshi Professor Pathology, Hematology, Molecular biology Elucidation of molecular mechanisms of the beneficial biological effects of molecular hydrogen, Identification of disease genes in BUF/Mna rats and elucidation of pathological mechanism caused by the mutations of these genes
*IWAMOTO Takashi Professor Molecular Biology Analysis of miRNAs on cardiomyopathy, cognitive neuroscience and cancer
*KATO Chikako Professor Geriatric Physical Therapy, Community-based Physical Therapy Falls prevention for the elderly
*KAWAMURA Morio Professor orthopedic Surgery, rehabilitation Medicine spine disease, low back pain, bone and cartilage metabolism, heterotopic ossification
*MAKISE Hidemoto Associate Professor Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis Psychopathology, Art therapy, Pathography
*MATSUDA Teru Associate Professor Pain, Nerve惻Muscle Physiology, Physical Agents Pain of muscle
*MIYASHITA Koji Professor physical therapy, sports injury, biomechanics sports motion analysis, Factor analysis of sports injuries
*MUKAI Fumio Professor Rehabilitation for persons with mental disorder,Psychiatric occupational Therapy Psychiatric Occupational Therapy, Life Support and Employment Support for persons with mental disorder or developmental disorder
*NAKAGAWA Yoshiro Senior Assistant Professor occupational therapy in mental health
*NODA Akiko Professor Sleep Medicine, Medical Technology, Cardiology Sleep and cardiovascular disease
*OKANO Akio Professor Occupational Therapy, Hand Therapy Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction
*QIAO Shanlou Professor Pathology, Oncology, Cell Biology Our research goal is to identify the mechanisms by which the tumour microenvironment impacts on the initiation and progression of cancers, and discover anticancer agents from natural sources by targeting the tumor microenvironment for cancer therapy
*SAKURAI Nobuo Professor Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, Rehabilitation Medicine
*SATO Jun Professor Weather Pain, Meteoropathy, Sympathetically Maintained Pain Mechanism of weather pain and sympathetically maintained pain Website
*TAJIMA Orie Associate Professor Biochemistry, Glycobiology, Exercise Nutrition Molecular mechanism in the maintenance/degeneration of the nervous systems by glycosphingolipids Website
*TAKADAMA Hiroaki Associate Professor Inorganic Biomedical Materials Development of Biomaterials such as Bone and Joint Repairing Materials
*TAKEDA Kozue Associate Professor Immunology, Molecular biology redox-mediated tyrosine kinase activation, tumor regulator
*TODA Kaoru Professor Evaluation in Physical Therapy,Community-based Rihabilitation Deep Sensory, Regional Comprehensive Support.Regional Cooperation
*YAMASHITA Hitoshi Professor Molecular Genetics, Biomedical Gerontology Mechanisms of thermoregulation, energy metabolism and aging
*YONEZAWA Hisayuki Professor Physical Therapy, Mathematical Biology Pulmonary Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Education
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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