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Dept. of International Studies

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
HANOCHI Seiko Professor International Relations(IR),International Political Economy(IPE)
Security Studies, Gender Studies
Globalization, Informal Sector, Human Security, Gender and Racism, Trafficking in Women and children
HIGA, Howard Ken Professor
HIRAI Meari Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology, Folklore
HUANG Qiang Professor Cultural Anthropology (including Ethnology and Folklore) Religious Rite and Beliefs of China, Shamanism in the East Asia,A Reformed Religion in the Transition to Market Economy,The Death Ritual in Shanghai China
ITO Masaaki Senior Assistant Professor The Study of Chinese Languages (Phonetics) The Research of phonetic state in Modern Chinese
ITO Yuko Professor English Literature Early twentieth century English literature and culture
IWAMA Yuki Senior Assistant Professor Media and Communication Studies, Journalism The Vietnam War and Journalism
KAGAMI Yasuhiko Professor International Law, Law of the Sea, Nature Conservation Law, Ocean Policy, Conservation ecology Law and Policy on Marine Ecological Conservation, Maritime Delimitation, Legal Regime of Island
KAWAUCHI Nobuyuki Professor Contemporary History of the USA, History of International Relations New Deal Regime, History of the Cold War
KOH Youngku Professor International Finance, International Trade Theory International Finance in Developing Countries, History of International Trade Theory
LUO Lixin Senior Assistant Professor
MÖHWALD, Ulrich Professor Sociology Value Change in Japan and Germany since 1945, Family Change in Germany and Japan since 1945, Migrants in European Societies, The Development of Japanese Sociology
NAKANO Tomoaki Professor Egyptology, Archaeology State Formation of Egypt, Religion in Graeco-Roman Egypt
NAKAYAMA Noriko Professor Cultural Anthropology The Relationship of Secularism, Islam and Women in Turkey
OSAWA Hajime Associate Professor Chinese History Modern Political and Social History, Archival Science Website
SHIBUYA Shizuaki Professor Korean Area Study, Human-geography Development of Feng-shui (Geomancy in East Asia), Improvement of the Cities and the Activities of the Japanese in East Asian Colonial Cities, Study on Korean Old Maps and Modern City Maps, Inbound Tourism from East Asian Countries
TAKARABE Kae Professor
TANAKA Takashi Professor Theory of International Relations, Research on Central and South America Governance, Unification of Central American Area
TODA Masao Professor Econometrics, Labor Economics Quantitative Economic Analysis of Social Phenomena
WADA Tomohisa Associate Professor Chinese Modern Literature Chinese Contemporary Literature(After 1980's), Taiwan Literature(1950's), Institutions of Chinese Contemporary Literature, Avantgarde Novels
WAZAKI Haruka Professor
YU Xiaowei Senior Assistant Professor Comparative Education, Japan Studies Declining Young Population and Education in China and Japan
ZONG Ting Ting Senior Assistant Professor
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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