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Robotic Science and Technology (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*FUJIYOSHI Hironobu Professor Image Information Engineering, Computer Vision Computer Vision for Visual Surveillance and Mobile Robots Website
*HASEGAWA Masaru Professor Control Engineering, Power Electronics, AC Motor Drive Robust Control and Adaptive Control of AC Motor, Identification and Control of Multirate system, Control of LPU system
*HIRATA Yutaka Professor Biomedical Engineering, Systems Neuroscience, Space Neuroscience Physiological and computational studies on motor learning and memory in primates and fish, Studies on human papillary control system Website
*INAGAKI Keiichiro Senior Assistant Professor Neuroscience, Computational Science, Neuroinformatics Website
*LEE, Jaeryoung Senior Assistant Professor Human Robot Interaction Social robots, Affective robots, Robot-assisted therapy Website
*NAGASAKA Yasunori Professor Information Science, Computer Science Application of Neural Networks for Engineering, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Autonomous Robot
*OBINATA Goro Professor
*SOGO Takuya Professor Control Engineering Iterative Learning Control, Control of Non-minimum Phase Systems, Inverse Systems, Digital Control Website
*TAKAMARU Hisanori Professor Simulation Science Plasma Simulation (Kinetics, MHD), Infrastructure on Integrated Computing System, Development of High Performance Computing Methods
*UMEZAKI Taizo Professor
*YAMAUCHI Yuji Senior Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Intelligent Robot Object Detection, Cloud Robotics, Motion Planning Website
*YASUBAYASHI Mikio Professor Electrical Machines and their Applications Prediction and Improvement of Characteristics of Two-Harmonic Reluctance Motor, Rotary-Linear Induction Motor, 6-Legged Robot, Converted Electric Vehicle
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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