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Dept. of Psychology

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
GANKOJI Reiko Professor Clinical Psychology Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessment, Psychiatry of Youth and Adolescence
HAYAMIZU Toshihiko Designated Professor Educational Psychology Motivation, Assumed-Competence
HORI Masashi Senior Assistant Professor Clinical psychology, Health psychology Prevention of mental disorders, Stress management, Student Counseling
KAWAKAMI Fumito Senior Assistant Professor Developmental Psychology, Comparative Cognitive Science Evolution and Development of Smiling and Laughter
MATSUI Takao Professor Cognitive Psychology, Coginitve Science, Perceptual Psychology Orientation-Dependence in Human Spatial Cognition, Effects of Conscious Process on Implicit Learning
MIZUNO Rika Professor Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science Exploration and Modeling of Human Learning and Memory Website
MORITA Miyako Professor Clinical Psychology Psychological Assessment, Rorschach Method
TANAKA Hidenori Associate Professor Clinical psychology Play therapy, Generation of the subject of enunciation
YOSHIZUMI Takahiro Associate Professor Clinical Psychology Mental health of children and adolescents, Community-based psychological support, Support for disadvantaged people
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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