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Mechanical Engineering (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*ADACHI Kazuhiko Professor Vibration Engineering, Machine Dynamics, Biomechanics Dynamic Analysis and Design of Internal Grinding Spindle with a Large Length-to-diameter Ratio, Dynamic Analysis and Design of High-speed Turbomachinery, Biomechanics of Proximal Femur after Osteosynthesis
*HIRASAWA Taro Professor Combustion Science and Technology Effect of Unsteady Flame Stretch on Premixed Flame, Fuel Blend Combustion, Oscillatory Wall Stagnating Flow
*HOSOKAWA Kenji Professor Dynamics Vibration Analysis of Structure Components Website
*IKEDA Tadashige Professor Aerospace Structures, Smart Materials and Structural Systems Constitutive Modelling of Smart Materials such as Shape Memory Materials and Piezoelectric Materials, Applications of Smart Materials such as Morphing Wings, Creation of Multifunctional Materials with Fiber Placement
*ISHIKAWA Takashi Professor Metal Forming Development of precision metal forming
*KANDA Takeshi Professor Propulsion, Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Engineering Liquid Rocket Engine, Jet Engine, Space Transportation, Turbulent Transition, Pseudo-Shock Wave Website
*KATO Akira Professor Mechanics of Materials, Experimental Mechanics, Image Processing Application Damage Detection of Materials Using Optical Method, Image Processing Application to Materials Testing
*MIZUTANI Hideyuki Professor Production Engineering, Machining Technology Development of High Performance Internal Honing, Study on the Improvement of Machined Surface Integrity, Study on the ultrasonic vibration assisted manufacturing technology Website
*NAMIOKA Tomoaki Associate Professor Fuel chemistry, Energy conversion, Biomass Solid oxide fuel cell, Fuel processing
*OHNISHI Naoyuki Professor Materials Science and Engineering Microstructure Analysis of Photonic and Electronic Functional Devices, Thin Films, Transmission Electron Microscopy
*SADAMOTO Akira Professor Acoustic Engineering Analysis of Sound Transmission and Noise Reduction in Duct
*SAEKI Morihiko Professor Ultra-precision Machining, Intelligent Machinery Manufacturing Development of the Ultra-precision Machining Technique for Getting High-performance Devices of Organic Non-linear Optical Crystals, Intelligent Manufacturing Using the techniques such as Mechatronics, Measurement and Control
*SOGO Takuya Professor Control Engineering Iterative Learning Control, Control of Non-minimum Phase Systems, Inverse Systems, Digital Control Website
*SUZUKI Hirofumi Professor Precision machinng Ultraprecision maching, Measurement, Molding
*TAKEDA Kunihiko Designated Professor
*TAKEUCHI Yoshimi Advisor to the Chancellor, Professor Manufacturing System Engineering Dexterous Machining, Multi-axis Multi-tasking Machining, Ultraprecision Micromachining
*TANAHASHI Yoshiharu Professor
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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