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Electrical and Electronic Engineering (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*EBINUMA Takuji Associate Professor Satellite Navigation and Communication, Orbital Mechanics, Remote Sensing GNSS receiver design for space applications, Precise orbit and clock estimation of GNSS satellites, Bistatic synthetic aperture radar using signals-of-opportunity
*GOTO Hideo Professor Semiconductor Science, Electrical-Material Science Research on II-VI Semiconductors, Research on new electrical materials for next generation
*HASEGAWA Masaru Professor Control Engineering, Power Electronics, AC Motor Drive Robust Control and Adaptive Control of AC Motor, Identification and Control of Multirate system, Control of LPU system
*HATTORI Koosuke Senior Assistant Professor Computer Vision Sensing system using Computer Vision and Applied Optics
*HIROTSUKA Isao Professor Electric Machines Higher performance for Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor
*HOGURO Masahiro Professor Speech and Media Information Technology Application of Media Information Processing towards Physical/Information Securities
*ISHII Kiyoshi Professor Integrated Electronics Design and Analysis of Integrated Circuits
*ISHINABE Masao Professor Polymer Eng., Material CAE, Invention of the structure of goods Research to impart heat resistance to polymers Website
*KAWAHARA Toshio Professor Applied Physics, Surface science Nanotechnology, Superconductivity
*KOKUBUN Yasuo Vice-President, Professor Opto-electronics Integrated photonics, Ultra-large capacity optical fiber transmission
*KURIHAMA Tadashi Professor X-ray Crystallography, Solid State Physics The Crystallographic Study of Phase Transitions in Dielectrics
*KUZUYA Mikio Professor Laser Applications, Electronic Measurements, Analytical Chemistry, Electron Microscopy Analytical Applications of Laser Development
*MASAMUNE Sadao Professor Plasma Science, Fusion Energy Science Magnetohydrodynamics, Relaxation phenomena in fusion plasmas
*MUTOH Takashi Professor Nuclear Fusion Science, RF Engineering, Plasma Physics Plasma Heating by RF wave
*NAGASAKA Yasunori Professor Information Science, Computer Science Application of Neural Networks for Engineering, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Autonomous Robot
*NAKAMURA Keiji Professor Plasma Engineering, Measuring Engineering Production, Diagnostics and Control of High Density Plasma Sources, Plasma-based Materials Processing, Plasma Application for Environmental Conservation
*NAKAMURA Masanori Professor
*NAKANO Yoshitaka Professor Semiconductor Devices and Materials Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, Oxide and Nitride Electronics
*OGAWA Daisuke Senior Assistant Professor Application with Low-temperature Plasma Evaluation and analysis of GaN surface that is damaged by process plasma, Application of carbon nanotubes that is functionalized by plasma, Analysis and and application with misty plasmas Website
*SUMI Shinichi Professor High Voltage Engineering Study of Triggered Lighting with Rocket
*TAGA Yasunori Designated Professor
*TAHASHI Masahiro Professor Electric and Electronic Materials Solar cell, Themoelectric material
*UCHIDA Hideo Associate Professor Semiconductor, Solar Cell, Large Scale Integrated Circuit Carbon Solar Cell, Solar Airship, Impurity Diffusion in Semiconductor, Electrical and Optical Integrated Circuit, Technology of Large Scale Integrated Circuit Fabrication
*YAMAMOTO Kazuo Professor Power Engineering, High Voltage Engineering Lightning Protection
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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