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Constructional Engineering (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*HASHIDA Hiroshi Professor Building Material, Concrete Engineering High Value-Added Concrete, Control of Shrinkage Cracks
*HATTORI Atsushi Professor
*HAYAKAWA Noriaki Associate Professor Architectural Design and Urban Planning Various types of "patterns" that arise in a city
*HAYASHI Yoshitsugu Professor Inheritable infrastructure and urban space Analysis of urbanisation and motorization nexus in developed and developing countries, Generalised theory from smart growth to smart shrink Financing rail transit systems and value capture, Value accessibility method for evaluation of f QOL (Quality of Life), Performance of QOL (Quality of Life) versus cost of infrastructure construction and maintenance, Smart transport and cities Website
*INAGAWA Naoki Professor Architectural History, Architectural Design Theory History of Italian Architecture, History of Modern Architecture
*ISOBE Tomohiko Professor Transportation Engineering, Infrastructure Planning, Universal Design Comparative Analysis with Spatial and Temporal Differences of Human Travel Behavior, Public Transportation Planning for Disabled People
*ITOH Atsushi Associate Professor Structural Mechanics, Structural Engineering, Concrete Engineering Development of Structural Model, Limited element analysis of a compound structure
*MATSUO Naoki Professor Environmental Hydraulics, Numerical Hydraulics Fluid Dynamics and Water Quality in Lakes, Reservoirs, Estuaries and Rivers, Dynamics of Air Bubble Plume, Rehabilitation Technique of Deteriorated Water Quality, Numerical Analysis of Overland Flood Flow
*MATSUYAMA Akira Associate Professor
*MIZUNO Eiji Professor Structural Mechanics, Structural Engineering, Plasticity Development of Constitutive Model, 3-D FEM Analysis on Cyclic Deformation of Composite Structures, Interaction Problems between Structure and Ground Systems
*NAKAMURA Kenichi Professor Architectural and Urban Design Architectural and Urban Design Theory
*OKAMOTO Hajime Associate Professor City Planning, Machi-zukuri Citizen Participation in City Planning, Design of Dwelling Environment in Pottery Industry Area
*SHIBAHARA Naoki Associate Professor Infrastructure planning and management, Environmental assessment, Environmental management Sustainable low carbon city and transport strategy, Life cycle assessment Website
*SUGII Toshio Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Science, Soil Mechanics Hydraulic Conductivity of Unsaturated Soil, Modeling of Water Characteristic Curve, Slope Stability during Heavy Rainfall, Seepage Failure, Prediction of Liquefaction
*TAKEDA Makoto Professor Hydraulics, Urban Flood Control The development of inundation analysis method in urban area and its application, The water environmental problem of urban river and estuary
*TOYODA Yoichi Professor Planning of Architecture Town Planning, Townscape,New Town
*YAMAHA Motoi Professor Building Environment Theory, Building Service Systems, Energetics Phase-change Materials in Thermal Storage Systems, Building System Commissioning
*YOKAWA Hiroshi Senior Assistant Professor Geotechnical engineering Interaction between structure and liquefied sand
*YOKOE Aya Senior Assistant Professor
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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