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Applied Chemistry (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*ANDO Fumio Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Heteroatom Chemistry Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Main-Group and Organometallic Compounds, Organophosphorus and Bismuth Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
*HABAUE Shigeki Professor Synthetic Polymer Chemistry Development of novel functional polymers
*IMAEDA Kenichi Professor Physical Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry Microwave Chemistry, Solid State Properties of Functional Materials
*ISHIKAWA Eri Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry
*MIYAUCHI Toshiyuki Associate Professor Analytical Chemistry Developing novel functional materials based on biomass
*NINOMIYA Yoshihiko Professor Environmental Chemical Engineering Coal Combustion and Gasification, Trace Element Emissions from Waste Materials Combustion, Ash Deposition and Melting Behaviors, Clean-up Technology
*NIYOMURA Osamu Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry Synthesis and Structure of Main Group Element Compounds
*SAKAMOTO Wataru Professor Processing and Properties Evaluation of Inorganic Functional Materials Development of Environmentally Friendly Functional Materials
*SAKURAI Makoto Professor Industrial Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Phosphates Synthesis and Property of P-O and P-N Compounds, Material Research for Phosphates
*SAWAMOTO Mitsuo Professor Polymer chemistry Polymer synthesis
*TAKAHASHI Makoto Professor Material Science, Electrochemistry Preparation and Characterization of Electro-Deposited Semiconductor Thin Film
*YABUUCHI Kazuhiro Associate Professor Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Functional Materials Functionalization of Self-Assembled Materials
*YAMADA Naoomi Professor Solid state chemistry, Thin film electronic materials Thin films for sustainable-energy, thin film photovoltaics
*YAMAMOTO Hisashi Professor Organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry, biological related chemistry Reaction organic chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, complex organometallic catalyst, biological function related Website
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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