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Computer Science (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*FUJIYOSHI Hironobu Professor Image Information Engineering, Computer Vision Computer Vision for Visual Surveillance and Mobile Robots Website
*HIRATA Yutaka Professor Biomedical Engineering, Systems Neuroscience, Space Neuroscience Physiological and computational studies on motor learning and memory in primates and fish, Studies on human papillary control system Website
*ITAI Akitoshi Senior Assistant Professor Signal Processing Blind source separation, Biosignal processing, Sound analysis
*IWAHORI Yuji Professor Computer Vision, Image and Pattern Recognition, Medical Image Analysis, Mixed Reality 3-D Shape Recovery, Medical Image Recognition, Object Detection and Tracking, Pattern Classification, Generation of Image Database Website
*KAWASHIMA Makoto Professor Communication Engineering, Communication Network Engineering, Network and Service Management Technology IP based Multi-media Service Networks, Operation & Management Systems for Multi-media Services and Network Systems
*NAKAGAWA Seiichi Designated Professor Computer Science, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence Speech recognition, Speaker recognition, Spoken dialog, Speech translation, Huamun iterface, Natural language processing Website
*OBINATA Goro Professor
*OKAZAKI Akihiko Professor Computer Science, Statistical Physics, Mechanical Dynamics Numerical Simulation and Experiment of Percolation System, Study on a Form of Colon Cancer Cell
*OKUI Satoshi Associate Professor Symbolic Computation Term Rewriting, Automated Equational Deduction, Functional, Logic Programming
*SUZUKI Yuri Professor Software Development Technology, Information Systems on Networks Practical Education for Computer Software, Research on the Distribution and Infrastructure of the Digital Contents
*TADAKI Kohtaro Professor Algorithmic Randomness Algorithmic Randomness and Its Applications to Science and Technology in General Website
*TAKAMARU Hisanori Professor Simulation Science Plasma Simulation (Kinetics, MHD), Infrastructure on Integrated Computing System, Development of High Performance Computing Methods
*TSUNEKAWA Koichi Professor Communication and information network system, Wireless access system, Mobile telecommunication system, Antenna system engineering Communication and information engineering Website
*YAMAMOTO Kazumasa Associate Professor Spoken Language Processing, Speech Signal Processing Natural spoken dialogue system, Robust speech recognition, Acoustic event detection, Speech emotion recognition
*YAMASHITA Takayoshi Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Machine Learning Object Detection, Object Tracking, Gesture Recognition, Deep Learning Website
*YAMAUCHI Koichiro Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition Bio-inspired Learning algorithms, Application of machine learning methods for renewal energy systems, Maximum Power Point Tracking micro-converter for photovoltaic, Incremental learning method for small embedded systems
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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