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Business Administration and Information Science (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*ABE Hitoshi Professor International Accounting, Accounting Information system International Accounting and Information technology
*ADACHI Yoshinori Professor Information Processing, Information of Living Body, Fuzzy Theory, Statistical Thermodynamics Pattern Recognition
*HAM Heasun Professor Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management Cross-cultural Study of HRM Systems, The effect of Human Resource Practices on Firm Performance, Changing Employment Relations and Organizational Effectiveness
*KUME Hideyo Senior Assistant Professor Law and Society, Civil Law, Agricultural Land Law, Environmental Law
*MORIOKA Takafumi Professor Inter-Corporate Theory and Management Inter-Corporate Alliance. Innovative Management of Small Business
*NIKAWA Eiju Professor Accounting Usefulness of Consolidated Cash Flow Information
*NISHIDA Toyoaki Associate Professor
*OSHIMA Toshikazu Professor Business Management, Business Administration Comprehensive Physical Distribution, Industrial Structural Reform of Japan, Regional Activation
*SAWAMURA Takahide Professor Financial Accounting, Accounting Cash Flow Accounting
*SHIMIZU Makoto Professor
*SUSA Taiki Senior Assistant Professor Public Economics, Public Finance, New Political Economy Fiscal Competition under Representative Democracy Website
*TAKECHI Norihide Associate Professor Accounting Securitization Accounting
*TAN Peng Senior Assistant Professor Accounting International Accounting, Accounting for Intangible Assets, Accounting for Research and Development costs, Business Analysis, Integrated Reporting
*TANAKA Tomonori Senior Assistant Professor Auditing Financial Statement Fraud
*TATSUOKA Ryoji Professor Interplanetary Space Physics, Time Series Data Processing, Image Processing Study on Cosmic Ray Modulation, Background Image Removal, CAI Software
*TERAZAWA Asako Professor Organizational Behavior Theory Theoretical Analysis on Motivation and Cognition of Organizational Members
*TSUJIMURA Hirokazu Professor Theory of Organizing a Management Body (Checking Points and Diagnosis of Organizing a Management Body), Research on the Manager's Ability for Management First, Study to Explicate a Pathological Mechanism of an Organization in order to Establish the Theory of Organizing Skill and Organize each Different Group (Company, School, Hospital, Professional Sporting Group, Union etc.) and Systematize Organizing Skill in such a Way as to Prevent Disease, finally Search for Manager's Ability
*YAMAGUCHI Naoki Professor International Economics Intellectual Property and International Trade
*ZHAO Wei Professor Organization Theory Work Organization Analysis in Automobile Industry, Multi-cultural Entrepreneurship, Construction of the third corporate culture in International Joint Venture companies.
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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