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Languages and Cultures (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*AICHI Mineko Professor Modern Japanese Literature Study on Literature of Higuchi Ichiyo
*HIIRAGI Wasuke Associate Professor Information Science Institutional Information Archiving, Web Archiving, Library and Information Science
*HONDA Emi Associate Professor Heian literature Study on the Tales of Ise Website
*IMAMURA Hiromi Professor Applied Linguistics, English Education World Englishes, English language testing
*ISHII Yojiro Professor
*ITO Yuko Professor English Literature Early twentieth century English literature and culture
*KATO Yoshitaka Senior Assistant Professor English Education EAP (English for Academic Purposes), cooperative learning, collaborative learning, task-supported language teaching
*KAWAKAMI Fumito Senior Assistant Professor Developmental Psychology, Comparative Cognitive Science Evolution and Development of Smiling and Laughter
*KOMORI Saeko Professor Japanese as a Second Language, Second Language Acquisition Mechanism of Kanji Learning, Computer Mediated Communication, Acquisition of Verbs Website
*KOSHIKAWA Jiro Associate Professor
*MIKAMI Hitoshi Senior Assistant Professor Applied Linguistics Language Learning, Metacognition, Study Abroad, Plagiarism Website
*MOTOUCHI Naoki Associate Professor Post-war British History Urban Hisotry, War and Social Change
*MUTO Ayaka Professor
*NAGATA Noriko Professor Japanese Literature, Folklore Study on Specific Characteristic of Narrative Literature, Study on Folktale Website
*NISHIMURA Satoshi Professor English Literature Late Victorian and Early Modern English Literature
*NODA Keigo Professor Linguistics, Iranian Indo-European Comparative Linguistics, Middle Persian, Avestan, Morphology
*OBANA Takashi Associate Professor Musicology Game studies New media studies, Popular culture Game Audio Studies, Ludomusicology
*OGAWA Naoko Professor Japanese Studies, Samurai films, Japanese cinema, Popular Culture Studies Cultural studies about Japanese cinema
*OGURI Seiko Professor EFL, Inter-cultural Communication Blended Learning, Autonomous Learners, EFL Pedagogy, Intercultural Education
*OHKADO Masayuki Professor Linguistics, Consciousness Studies, Study of Consciousness, Spirituality Website
*OKAMOTO Satoshi Professor Japanese early Modern Literature. Early modern Waka and Haikai.
*SAMMA Masami Professor Disaster information, Media Disaster information, Media studies
*SHIMAZU Nobuko Professor English Literature Ecofeminism, Minority Literature, Modern and Contemporary Drama
*SHIOZAWA Tadashi Professor Applied Linguistics, Cross-cultural Communication SLA,Worl Englishes,Cross Cultural Communication, Study Abroad Website
*SUGIMOTO Kazuhiro Vice-President, Professor Modern Japanese Literature Literary Works of Mishima Yukio and Yasuoka Shotaro
*TSUZUKI Kousei Professor Community Studies, Industrial Sociology Community and Social Change, Technological Innovation and Labor
*YAMAMOTO Akashi Associate Professor Social Psychology, Communication Social Psychology, Communication
*YANAGI Tomohiro Professor Historical English Syntax An Internal and External Syntax of Nouns and Pronouns, A Diachronic Study of Quantifiers
*YANAGIYA Keiko Professor Sociolinguistics, English Linguistics, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Conversational Analysis, Analysis of Verbal/ Nonverbal Behavior in Media Media and Language/Expression
*YOSHIHARA Yuko Professor Religious Anthropology Study of Religious Trance, Study of Rituals in Asia
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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