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Psychology (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*GANKOJI Reiko Professor Clinical Psychology Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessment, Psychiatry of Youth and Adolescence
*HAYAMIZU Toshihiko Designated Professor Educational Psychology Motivation, Assumed-Competence
*HORI Masashi Senior Assistant Professor Clinical psychology, Health psychology Prevention of mental disorders, Stress management, Student Counseling
*MATSUI Takao Professor Cognitive Psychology, Coginitve Science, Perceptual Psychology Orientation-Dependence in Human Spatial Cognition, Effects of Conscious Process on Implicit Learning
*MIZUNO Rika Professor Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science Exploration and Modeling of Human Learning and Memory Website
*MORITA Miyako Professor Clinical Psychology Psychological Assessment, Rorschach Method
*TANAKA Hidenori Associate Professor Clinical psychology Play therapy, Generation of the subject of enunciation
*YOSHIZUMI Takahiro Associate Professor Clinical Psychology Mental health of children and adolescents, Community-based psychological support, Support for disadvantaged people
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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