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History and Geography (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*ARAYASHIKI Toru Professor History of European Modern Art, History of Modern Japanese Art The relationship between Japanese and French Art, Japonisme
*HAYASHI Noboru Designated Professor Urban Geography, Economic Geography Theoretical and empirical study on the regional development of economic activities in the cities Website
*ICHITANI Kazuo Associate Professor Modern Chinese History Chinese Communist Revolution
*KOBAYASHI Hiroyuki Professor History of science Exact sciences in Japan, China, and the West
*KOJIMA Rio Professor Modern Intellectual History (Europe, US and Japan) 1920's in the World, 1960's in the World
*MIURA Yoichi Professor Political Diplomatic History of Modern Japan (Japanese History, Establishment of Japan-US Security System) Analysis of Japanese Diplomacy in the 1950s, Theory of Historical Education, Analysis of Process of Forming Japanese History Image
*MIZUNO Tomoyuki Professor Japanese medieval history Political hisory, The relation between the imperial court and shogunate during the Muromachi period, History of the TOKAI region
*MORITA Tomoko Professor Modern Japanese History Study on Consular Jurisdiction in 19th Century
*NISHIYAMA Shinichi Associate Professor
*OTSUKA Toshiyuki Professor Urban Geography Urban Structure, Urban Regeneration
*SASAI Machi Associate Professor Medieval European History Urban History of Medieval England
*SHINOMIYA Yuji Professor
*SUETA Tomoki Professor Economic Geography History of the Japanese Whaling Industry, Formation and Development Process of a Department Store in Japan
*TAMADA Atsuko Professor French Literature 18th Century French Literature and Rhetoric, History of Liberal Arts Website
*WATANABE Nobuya Associate Professor Geographic Information System(GIS),Remote Sensing Utilization of GeoInformatics in historical fields
*YAMAMOTO Takatsugu Associate Professor Historical geography, Cultural geography Changes of landscape in Asian rural area, Development of Reagional Culture
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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