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IWATA Satoru



Title Assistant Professor
Belong to Center for Education in Laboratory Animal Research
Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
College of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Graduated Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University
Degree Dr. of Life Sciences, Tohoku University
Field of Study Genetics, Physiology
Research, Studies Establishment of a method for effective chromosome engineering

Academic Papers, Critique

"The small GTPase ARF-1.2 is a regulator of unicellular tube formation in Caenorhabditis elegans.", The Journal of Physiological Sciences, 1-10, 2018

"An Aneuploidy-Free and Structurally Defined Balancer Chromosome Toolkit for Caenorhabditis elegans.", Cell Reports, 22(1): 232-241, 2018

"The establishment of genome editing in mouse zygotes by electroporation.",Research Institute for Life and Health Sciences, 14: 92-96, 2017

"Engineering new balancer chromosomes in C. elegans via CRISPR/Cas9.", Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group), 6: 33840, 2016

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