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Year of Birth 1956
Place of Birth Nara
Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of History and Geography
History and Geography (graduate school)
Graduated Lajos Kossuth University (Hungary), Department of Sociology
Degree Ph. D, Lajos Kossuth University (Hungary)
Academic Institutional Membership American Association for Asian Studies, International House of Japan
Field of Study Modern Intellectual History (Europe, US and Japan)
Research, Studies 1920's in the World, 1960's in the World
Curriculum Specialized History of Thoughts, Special lecture in modern society

Books Published, Translation

Rio Kojima: Articles, Speeches and Interviews in Lithuania (Rio Kodzima: Straipsniai, Paskaitos, Interviu Lietuvoje), Strofa, 2001 (in Lithuanian)

A Collected Papers on Studying Abroad (joint work ed.), Heibonsha, 2000 (in Japanese)

A Collected Essays on Hungarian Intellectural History, Fubaisha, 2000 (in Japanese)

A Multikulturálizmus Kerdesei (Problems of Multiculturalism) (joint work), Lajos Kossuth Univ. Press, 1998 (in Hungarian)

The Death of a Slave, Pelicansha, 1988 (in Japanese)

A Modernség Peremén (On the Periphery of Modernity), Lajos Kossuth Univ. Press, 1987 (in Hungarian)

1956 Hungarian Revolt and Japan, Chuo Koronsha, 1987 (in Japanese) 2003 reprinted

People and Politics in the History (joint work), Nihonshi Ronso Kai, 1986 (in Japanese)


"Hero" Republic of Hungary, 2006


Academic Journal "Arena" Editor-in-chief

Visiting Professor Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest Hungary

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