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WADA Tomohisa


Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of International Studies
Dept. of China Studies
International Relations (graduate school)
Global Education Center, Career Education Program
Global Education Center, Teacher's License Education Program
Graduated Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Graduate School of Language and Society
Degree Master of Language and Culture (Osaka University of Foreign Studies)
Academic Institutional Membership The Sinological Society of Japan
The Japan Association for Modern China Studies
Field of Study Chinese Modern Literature
Research, Studies Chinese Contemporary Literature(After 1980's), Taiwan Literature(1950's), Institutions of Chinese Contemporary Literature, Avantgarde Novels
Curriculum Specialized Chinese Language, Introduction to Asian Studies, Literary and Society, Self Motivational Development

Books Published, Translation

The Search for the origin of Contemporary China: The Handbook for Contemporary history of China, Tokyo: TOHO Shoten, 2016

Aspects of the Future of Cultural Exchanges: The Light and Dark Sides of Globalization, Osaka: Osaka Kyoiku Tosho, 2008

Academic Papers, Critique

Examining the ALMANAC OF CHINESE LITERATURE AND ART: the system of Chinese literature and art in the 1980's from the style, editorial staff, content, and classification of each volume, BOEKIFU: Chubu International Review vol.13, April 2018

On Yan Lianke's DISCOVERING NOVELS, BOEKIFU: Chubu International Review vol.12, April 2017


Visiting Scholar:Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University, Apr-Sep 2018

Translation: Worthless "the non-China" and Literature, China 21 vol.45, Feb 2017

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