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ITO Hiroyuki



Year of Birth 1982
Title Senior Assistant Professor
Belong to Dept. of Contemporary Education
Education (graduate school)
Graduated Graduate School of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University
Degree Ph.D. (Psychology)
Field of Study Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychometrics
Research, Studies Mental Health of Children, Developmental Disorders, Humor
Curriculum Specialized Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology
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Books Published, Translation

Murayama, Y., Ito, H., Teruyama, J. & Tsujii, M. ADHD in Japan: Epidemiology, Treatments, and Cultural Influences. In Bergey, M.R., Filipe, A.M., Conrad, P. & Singh, I. (Eds.) Perspectives on ADHD: Social dimensions of diagnosis and treatment in sixteen countries. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 2018.

Kaneko H, Yoshikawa T, Ito H, Nomura K, Okada T & Honjo S: Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Assessment of Haemodynamic Activation in the Cerebral Cortex - A Review in Developmental Psychology and Child Psychiatry. Theophanides T (Ed.) Infrared Spectroscopy - Life and Biomedical Sciences. pp 151-164, InTech, 2012

Academic Papers, Critique

Psychometric properties of the Repetitive Behavior Scale-Revised for individuals with autism spectrum disorder in Japan. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorder, 15, 60-68. 2015.

Examining the relationships between attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and developmental coordination disorder symptoms, and writing performance in Japanese second grade students. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34, 2909-2916. 2013.

Validation of an Interview-Based Rating Scale Developed in Japan for Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 6, 1265-1272. 2012.

Prefrontal overactivation, autonomic arousal, and task performance under evaluative pressure: A near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) study. Psychophysiology, 48, 1563-71. 2011.

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