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Year of Birth 1963
Place of Birth Chiba, Japan
Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Psychology
Psychology (graduate school)
Graduated Keio University, Graduate School of Human Relations
Degree Ph.D.(Psychology), Keio University
Academic Institutional Membership The Japanese Psychological Association
The Japanese Society of Cognitive Psychology
Japanese Cognitive Science Society
Japanese Imagery Association
Field of Study Cognitive Psychology, Coginitve Science, Perceptual Psychology
Research, Studies Orientation-Dependence in Human Spatial Cognition, Effects of Conscious Process on Implicit Learning
Curriculum Specialized Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology A,B,C,D,E, History of Psychology

Books Published, Translation

Let's Study Psychology (joint work), Nakanishiya Syuppan, 2006

Psychology of Everyday Cognition (joint work), Kitaohji Shobo, 2002

Image and Cognition (joint work), Iwanami Shoten, 2001

Handbook of Social Cognition (joint work), Kitaohji Shobo, 2001

Graphical Textbook: Cognitive Psychology (joint work), Saiensusha, 1995

Academic Papers, Critique

The World of Chirality: Mysteries of Spatial Cognition, Nikkei Science, 31(10), 100-105, 2001

Spatial Cognition and Egocentrism, Computer Today, No. 93, 21-25, 1999

Recognizing Surrounding Space, Cognitive Studies, 5(3), 5-14, 1998

Implicit Learning, Cognitive Studies, 12-23, 1995

Interaction with a Computer System: A Study of Factors for Pleasant Interaction, Cognitive Studies, 1(1), 107-120, 1994

Meaning and Representation of Space, Philosophy (Mita Philosophy Society), 95, 153-173, 1993.

Reference Frames and Orientation-Dependence in Spatial Cognition: Why do alignment effects occur?, Studies in Sociology, Psychology and Education (The Division of Human Relations, Graduate School of Keio University), 34, 51-58, 1992.

Reference Frames and Perceptual Integration in Symmetry Detection, The Japanese Journal of Psychonomic Science, 11, 1-8, 1992.

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