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Place of Birth Hyogo Prefecture
Title Senior Assistant Professor
Belong to College of Engineering
Global Education Center, Liberal Arts Education Program (Humanities and Social Literacy)
Graduated Waseda University, Graduate School of Commerce
Degree Master(Economics)
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Association of Kansei Engineering
Associazione di Studi Italiani in Giappone
Japan Association of Product Development and Management
Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution
Field of Study Design Management
Research, Studies Product Development (Design-Oriented), Italian Design Theory
Curriculum Specialized Business Strategy, Statistics
Contact Mail

Books Published, Translation

Luxury Marketing:A Challenge for Theory and Practice(edited by Wiedmann et al.), 2013, Springer, pp.105-118(Luxury Brand from a psychoanalytic perspective)

Academic Papers, Critique

Koyama Taro and Miki Kunichika(2014), "Kimono as Luxury clothing," The Journal of Research Institute for Industy and Economic, Vol.24

Nadine Hennigs et al.(2012), "What is the Value of Luxury? A Cross-Cultural Consumer Perspective," Psychology & Marketing, Vol.29(12), pp.1018-1034

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Aiello et al.(2013), "Are You Like Me? I Will be Attached to You. Empirical Findings from an International Research about Consumer, Brand and Store Personality Congruenece in the Luxury Sector, " Proceedings of the World Marketing Conference, Melbourne

Koyama Taro(2013), "Consumer typology from a perspective of Borromean rings," Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Istanbul

Koyama Taro(2013), "Brand typology from a perspective of Borromean rings, " Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution(Conference)

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