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OSHIMA Toshikazu


Year of Birth 1951
Place of Birth Hyogo
Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Management Synthesis
Dept. of Business Administration and Information Science
Business Administration and Information Science (graduate school)
Business Administration (graduate school)
Graduated Chukyo University, Graduate School of Commerce
Degree Dr. of Commerce, Chukyo University
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Society of Business Administration, Japan Logistics Society, Japan Port Economics Association, Japan Society for Applied Management, Japan Society of Monetary Economics, Japan Economic Policy Association
Field of Study Business Management, Business Administration
Research, Studies Comprehensive Physical Distribution, Industrial Structural Reform of Japan, Regional Activation
Curriculum Specialized Economic and Industry of Chubu, Modern Management

Books Published, Translation

Tide of the 21st Century, Seibundo, 2001

Regional Activation and Creation of Wide Area Exchange, Seibundo, 1997

Establishment of Modern Administration, Seibundo, 1997

Business and Management Administration, Seibundo, 1995

Theory of Modern Management Administration, Yachiyo Shuppan, 1993

Lecture of Theory of Modern Companies, Chuo Keizaisha, 1990

Academic Papers, Critique

A Jey Point Personnel Training and the management, 2011

Deviation of a Manager and Merchant Way, 2010

Trajectory of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Nagoya, 2009

The reform of social economic system and management measure, 2008

Conversion of corporate and conformity to a physical distribution environmental administration measure, 2007

The National Management Technique of the 21st century, 2006

Big Four Ports and the 21st Century, Kouwan Kenkyu, 2000

General Principles of Comprehensive Physical Distribution Policy and Improvement of Wide Port Area, Kouwan Kenkyu, 1999

Industrial Structural Reform and Comprehensive Physical Distribution Policy, The Journal of the College of Business Administration and Information Sciences, Vol. 12, Chubu Univ., 1998

Reform of Japan and Global Standards, The Journal of the College of Business Administration and Information Sciences, Vol. 12, Chubu Univ., 1998

Creation of Wide Area Exchange Sphere Centering Around Physical Distribution Base, The Journal of Research Institute for Industry and Economics, No. 8, Chubu Univ., 1998

The 21st Century Vision in Komaki City Planning, 1998

Shake-hand Transportation Efficiency Survey, 1997

Utilization of Nagoya Airport and Basic Concept of its Surrounding Area Promotion, 1997

Guideline of Nagoya Airport Problems, 1997

Survey of Kasugai Interchange Area Development Plan Realization Committee, 1996

Study on New York New Jersey Port Authority, Kouwan Kenkyu, 1995

The Behavior of the Japanese Salaried Worker in the Management System: Innovation, Adaptation and Manpower, The Journal of the College of Business Administration and Information Science, Vol. 8, Chubu Univ., 1993

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

What is happening in the world today

How can companies keep winning Central

Central Japan of the 21st Century, 1994

On Trend of G-NET Guideline Project, 1994

Great Expectations for the 21st Century, 1993

Three-men Symposium with Mayor, 1992

Social Activities

2008 Conference Chair proper trucking trade promotion partnership

Central Branch Committee of Japan Association of logistic system 2006

Department of Transportation Central Green Logistics Promotion Council chairman

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