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SUSA Taiki



Year of Birth 1984
Place of Birth Tokyo
Title Senior Assistant Professor
Belong to Dept. of Management Synthesis
Dept. of Business Accounting
Business Administration and Information Science (graduate school)
Graduated Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya University
Degree Doctor in Economics, Nagoya University
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Economic Association
Japan Institute of Public Finance
Japan Public Choice Society
Field of Study Public Economics, Public Finance, New Political Economy
Research, Studies Fiscal Competition under Representative Democracy
Curriculum Specialized Financial Economics, International Financial Economics, Contemporary Economy and Business, Start-up Seminar, Freshman Seminar, Advanced Seminar, Financial Economics(graduate school)

Academic Papers, Critique

Susa, T., (2018), A Note on Relative Timing of Election in Public Investment Competition, The inquiry into Industry and Economics, vol. 1, pp. 1-8.

Ogawa, H. & Susa, T., (2017), Strategic Delegation in Asymmetric Tax Competition, Economics & Politics, vol. 29 (3), pp. 237-251.

Ogawa, H. & Susa, T., (2017), Majority Voting and Endogenous Timing in Tax Competition, International Tax and Public Finance, vol. 24(3), pp. 397-415.

Susa, T. & Tsubuku, M., (2017), The Politics of Tariff Cooperation in the Presence of Trade Costs, SSRN Working Paper Series, No. 3049746.

Kawachi, K., Ogawa, H., & Susa, T., (2017), Endogenizing Government's Objectives in Tax Competition with Capital Ownership. The University of Tokyo CIRJE Discussion Papers, CIRJE-F-1054.

Kawachi, K., Ogawa, H., & Susa, T., (2015), Endogenous Timing in Tax and Public Investment Competition, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, vol. 171(4), pp. 641-651.

Susa, T., (2015), Essays on Fiscal Competition under Representative Democracy, Doctoral Dissertation, Nagoya University.

Ogawa, H. & Susa, T., (2015), Municipal Merger and Tax Competition, Nagoya University ERC Discussion Paper, No. E15-5.

Susa, T., (2014), Capital Allocation in an Asymmetric Tax Competition Model with Agglomeration Economies, Letters in Spatial and Resource Science, vol. 7, pp. 185-193.

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