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Year of Birth 1955
Place of Birth Tokyo
Title Professor
Belong to College of Humanities
Global Education Center, Liberal Arts Education Program (Humanities and Social Literacy)
Graduated Nanzan University, Graduate School of Literature
Degree Bachelor of Literature(Nanzan University), Master of Literature (Nanzan University)
Academic Institutional Membership Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropologyy
Japanese Society of Equine Science
Field of Study Cultural Anthropology
Research, Studies Woman Leaders in Yuan Dynasty, Ethos in Internaional Horse Racing.

Books Published, Translation

Beijing, as a Multi-ethnic City, in H.Moribe(ed.)Rethinking of Cultural Anthropology pp.261-95, Seikyusha Press, 2001.

Nusantra Indonesia, Shogakukan, 1996.

Educational Wisdom learned in the Great Hanshin Earthquake, PHP Interface,1996.

Rules of Festival, PHP Interface, 1994.

Mind the Gap between Mother and Son, (Co-Author A.Sono), PHP Interface, 993.

My Family History:a growth record of my son, Taichi, Daughters of Saint Paul Press, 1992.

An Analysis of Female University Students Culture, PHP Inteface, 1992.

Diary of My Family Journey in Borneo, (Co-Author:A.Miura), Kawai Press, 1990.

Academic Papers, Critique

A Look at the Social Significance of the Dubai World Cup, Hippophile No.54 pp.27-9, Japanese Society of Equine Science. Oct.2013.

Horse Falcon and Creek : Meydan new Race Course and Dubai World Cup, Hippophile No.43 pp.4-6, Japanese Society of Equine Science, Jan.2011.

Dubai World Cup as National Festival, Hippophile No.36 pp.4-6, Japanese Society of Equine Science, Apr.2009.

Racecourse as Extraordinary Space, Arena Vol.7 pp.582-96, Fubaisha, Dec.2009.

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