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OZAWA Masanao


Title Designated Professor
Belong to College of Engineering
Graduated Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Science and Technology
Degree Dr. Sci. (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Academic Institutional Membership The Japanese Association for Philosophy of Science (Board Member: 2005-2017)
The Mathematical Society of Japan (Council Member: 2004-2006)
Field of Study Quantum Information Science, Quantum Foundations, Mathematical Logic, Mathematical Physics
Research, Studies Quantum Measurement, Quantum Set Theory, Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication

Books Published, Translation

Reality and measurement in algebraic quantum theory: NWW 2015, Nagoya, Japan, March 9-13, Springer, 2018.

Academic Papers, Critique

Soundness and completeness of quantum root-mean-square errors, npj Quantum Information 5: 1 (Jan. 2019).

Orthomodular-Valued Models for Quantum Set Theory, The Review of Symbolic Logic 10: 782 (Dec. 2017).

Experimental Test of Residual Error-Disturbance Uncertainty Relations for Mixed Spin-1/2 States, Physical Review Letters 117: 140402 (Sep. 2016).

Measurement Theory in Local Quantum Physics, Journal of Mathematical Physics 57: 015209 (Jan. 2016).

Experimental Test of Entropic Noise-Disturbance Uncertainty Relations for Spin-1/2 Measurements, Physical Review Letters 115: 030401 (Jul. 2015).

Noise and disturbance in quantum measurements: An information theoretic approach, Physical Review Letters 112: 050401 (Feb. 2014).

Experimental test of error-disturbance uncertainty relations by weak measurement, Physical Review Letters 112: 020402 (Jan. 2014).

Experimental violation and reformulation of the Heisenberg's error-disturbance uncertainty relation, Scientific Reports 3: 2221 (Jul. 2013).

Experimental demonstration of a universally valid error-disturbance uncertainty relation in spin-measurements, Nature Physics 8: 185 (Mar. 2012).


International Quantum Communication Award (Sep. 2010).

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