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Title Assistant Professor
Belong to Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
Center for Clinical Examination Practicum Support
Biomedical Sciences (graduate school)
Graduated Doctor’s Programs of Advanced Science and Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Degree Doctor of Science (Waseda Univ.)
Academic Institutional Membership Biophysical Society (America), Japan Biophysics Association, Japan Physiological Society, Japan Time Biology Association, Nano Association
Field of Study Biophysics, physiology
Research, Studies Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of contraction rhythmic homeostasis in warmed cardiomyocytes
Curriculum Specialized Biomechanics, Advanced medical engineering experiments, Medical engineering practice, Medical engineering, Introduction to biotechnology, Special lecture on biomedical technology, Advanced medical materials engineering
Contact Mail address:shintani[at]

Academic Papers, Critique

Single-cell temperature mapping with fluorescent thermometer nanosheets. Oyama K, Gotoh M, Hosaka Y, Oyama TG, Kubonoya A, Suzuki Y, Arai T, Tsukamoto S, Kawamura Y, Ithoh H, Shintani SA, Yamazawa T, Taguchi M, Ishiwata S, Fukuda N, Journal of General Physiolosy, in press, 2020

Thermal activation of thin filaments in striated muscle. Ishii S, Oyama K, Shintani SA, Kobirumaki-Shimozawa F, Ishiwata S, Fukuda N, Frontiers in Physiology section Striated Muscle Physiology, 2020

Tri-functional calcium-deficient calcium titanate coating on titanium metal by chemical and heat treatment. Seiji Yamaguchi, Phuc Thi Minh Le, Morihiro Ito, Seine A. Shintani, Hiroaki Takadama. Coatings 9, 2019

Effect of myofibril passive elastic properties on the mechanical communication between motor proteins on adjacent sarcomeres. Washio T, Shintani SA, Higuchi H, Sugiura S, Hisada T, Scientific reports, 2019

Microscopic heat pulses activate cardiac thin filaments., Ishii S, Oyama K, Arai T, Itoh H, Shintani SA, Suzuki M, Kobirumaki-Shimozawa F, Terui T, Fukuda N, Ishiwata S., The Journal of general physiology, 2019

Analysis of spontaneous oscillations for a three-state power-stroke model., Washio T, Hisada T, Shintani SA, Higuchi H, Physical review. E 95(2-1) 022411, 2017

Dynamic properties of bio-motile systems as a liquid-crystalline structure., Ishiwata S, Miyazaki M, Sato K, Nakagome K, Shintani SA, Kobirumaki-Shimozawa F, Fukuda N, Suzuki K, Takagi J, Shimamoto Y, Itabashi T, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst 647 127-150, 2017

Simultaneous imaging of local calcium and single sarcomere length in rat neonatal cardiomyocytes using yellow Cameleon-Nano140., Tsukamoto S, Fujii T, Oyama K, Shintani SA, Shimozawa T, Kobirumaki-Shimozawa F, Ishiwata S, Fukuda N, The Journal of general physiology 148(4) 341-355, 2016

Model simulation of the SPOC wave in a bundle of striated myofibrils., Nakagome K, Sato K, Shintani SA, Ishiwata S, Biophysics and physicobiology 13 217-226, 2016

In vivo cardiac nano-imaging: A new technology for high-precision analyses of sarcomere dynamics in the heart., Shimozawa T, Hirokawa E, Kobirumaki-Shimozawa F, Oyama K, Shintani SA, Terui T, Kushida Y, Tsukamoto S, Fujii T, Ishiwata S, Fukuda N, Progress in biophysics and molecular biology, 2016

A Model for Measured Traveling Waves at End-Diastole in Human Heart Wall by Ultrasonic Imaging Method., Bekki N, Shintani SA, Ishiwata S, Kanai H, Jurnal of the Physical Society of Japan, 85, 2016

Simple Dispersion Equation Based on Lamb-Wave Model for Propagating Pulsive Waves in Human Heart Wall., Bekki N and Shintani SA., Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 84(12) 124802-1-124802-6, 2015

High-frequency sarcomeric auto-oscillations induced by heating in living neonatal cardiomyocytes of the rat., Shintani SA, Oyama K, Fukuda N, Ishiwata S, Biochemical and biophysical research communications 457(2) 165-170, 2015

Cardiac thin filament regulation and the Frank-Starling mechanism., Kobirumaki-Shimozawa F, Inoue T, Shintani SA, Oyama K, Terui T, Minamisawa S, Ishiwata S, Fukuda N, The journal of physiological sciences : JPS 64(4) 221-232, 2014

Sarcomere length nanometry in rat neonatal cardiomyocytes expressed with α-actinin-AcGFP in Z discs., Shintani SA, Oyama K, Kobirumaki-Shimozawa F, Ohki T, Ishiwata S, Fukuda N, The Journal of general physiology 143(4) 513-524, 2014

Microscopic heat pulses induce contraction of cardiomyocytes without calcium transients., Oyama K, Mizuno A, Shintani SA, Itoh H, Serizawa T, Fukuda N, Suzuki M, Ishiwata S, Biochemical and biophysical research communications 417(1) 607-612, 2012


Jul 2017 4th Biophysics and Physicobiology Editors' Choice Award, The Editorial office of Biophysics and Physicobiology Winner: Nakagome K, Sato K, Shintani SA, Ishiwata S.

Nov 2016 JSC Excellent Poster Award, Japanese Society for Chronobiology

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