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KONDO Takaharu



Year of Birth 1947
Place of Birth Aichi
Title Designated Professor
Belong to Health Promotion Center
Dept. of Lifelong Sports and Health Sciences
Biomedical Sciences (graduate school)
Graduated Nagoya University School of Medicine
Degree MD, PhD
Qualification Medical Doctor
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Society for Medical Application of Stable Isotope and Biogas(Board of Directors)
Japanese Society of Gastroenterology
Field of Study Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology
Research, Studies Gastroenterology, Breath gas research
Contact Mail
Telephone number:+81-568-9260

Academic Papers, Critique

N. Okumura, N. Jinno, K. Taniguchi, K. Tanabe, S. Nakamura, T. Kondo, A. Shimouchi: Effects of cooking process on breath hydrogen and colonic fermentation of soybean. Current Nutrition & Food Science, 16, 488-493, 2020

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M. Yamaguchi, M. C. Steward, K. Smallbone, Y. Sohma, A. Yamamoto, S. B. H. Ko, T. Kondo, H. Ishiguro: Bicarbonate‐rich fluid secretion predicted by a computational model of guinea‐pig pancreatic duct epithelium. J Physiol 15, 595, 1947–1972, 2017

H. Ogata, I. Fujimaru, T. Kondo: Degree of exercise intensity during continuous chest compression in upper-body-trained individuals, J Physiol Anthropol, 19;34:43, 2015

H. Ogata, I. Fujimaru , K. Yamada, T. Kondo:Higher ventilatory responses during and after passive walking-like leg movement in older individuals. J Physiol Anthropol, 8, 32:20, 2013

Y. Song, A. Yamamoto, M.C. Steward, S.B. Ko, A.K. Stewart, M. Soleimani, B.C. Liu, T. Kondo, C.X. Jin, H. Ishiguro: Deletion of Slc26a6 alters the stoichiometry of apical Cl-/HCO-3 exchange in mouse pancreatic duct. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 303:C815-24, 2012

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A. K. Stewart, A. Yamamoto, M. Nakakuki, T. Kondo, S. L. Alper, H. Ishiguro: Functional coupling of apical Cl-/HCO3- exchange with CFTR in stimulated HCO3- secretion by guinea pig interlobular pancreatic duct. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 296, G1307-G1317, 2009

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