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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (graduate school)
Graduated Department of Iron and Steel Engineering, Nagoya University
Degree Doctor of Engineering
Academic Institutional Membership JSTP, JSME, JSPE, ISIJ, JIM, JILM, CIRP, ICFG
Field of Study Metal Forming
Research, Studies Development of precision metal forming
Curriculum Specialized Strength of materials, Mechanics, Production processing

Books Published, Translation

"Materials Technology for Building a Solar Energy Society" (Corona Company), 2013

"Microstructure evolution in metal forming processes"(WOODHEAD PUBLISHING), 2012

Academic Papers, Critique

Stress-strain curve of pure aluminum in a super large strain range with strain rate and temperature dependency, Procedia Engineering(Vol. 207), (2017), 161-166.

High-temperature magnetization characteristics of steels, ISIJ International, 57(10), (2017) 1883-1886

Control of thermal contraction of aluminum alloy for precision cold forging, Annals of the CIRP, 63 (1), (2014), 289-292

Measurement method for stress strain curve in a super large strain range , Materials Science & Engineering A,600 (10), (2014), 82-89

Mechanism of forming joining on backward extrusion forged bonding process , Advanced Materials Research, 966-967 (1), (2014), 461-470

Experimental Approach for Investigation of Micro Void Behavior on Dual Phase Steel during Plastic Deformation, Key Engineering Materials, 535 (1), (2013), 393-396

Measurement method for ow stress in super-cooled austenite, steel research international, 65 (1), (2012)

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Influence of thermal and elastic deformation of material and tools on the accuracy of cold forged products, JSTP International Prize Lecture, ICTP2017, Cambridge, (2017)

Development of High Precision/ High quality/Low Cost Bulk Forming Processes Using CAE, SIMTech Seminar, SIM Tech (Singapore), 2013

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