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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Civil Engineering
Constructional Engineering (graduate school)
Center for COC Promotion
Chubu Innovative Astronomical Observatory
Office for Japan-China Exchange Promotion
Graduated Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering
Degree Dr. of Engineering, Kyoto University
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Society of Civil Engineers, International Association for Hydraulic Engineering and Research, Japan Society of Hydrology&Water Resources, The Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow, The Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies, Japan Society of Dam Engineers, Ecology and Civil Engineering Society
Field of Study Environmental Hydraulics, Numerical Hydraulics
Research, Studies Fluid Dynamics and Water Quality in Lakes, Reservoirs, Estuaries and Rivers, Dynamics of Air Bubble Plume, Rehabilitation Technique of Deteriorated Water Quality, Numerical Analysis of Overland Flood Flow
Curriculum Specialized Hydraulics, River Engineering (at Graduate School); Hydraulics I, II, Environmental Engineering, Disaster Prevention Engineering

Academic Papers, Critique

Study on Overland Flood Flow Analysis with use of GIS, XXIX Cong. of IAHR, 2001

Flow Characteristics in Downstream Area of Nagara River Estuary Barrage, 12th Cong. of APD-IAHR, 2000

Numerical Study of Evacuation System for Overland Flood Flow Due to Storm Surge, Hydraulic Engineering Software VII, 1998

Numerical Analysis of Freshwater Red-Tide in a Stratified Reservoir, Hydroinformatics `96, Vol. 2, 1996

Water Quality Control by Gate Operation at Nagaragawa Estuary Barrage, Proc. of International Conf. on Water Resources & Environmental Research, Vol. 2, 1996

Selective Withdrawal for Reducing Turbid Water in a Reservoir, Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 2, 1993

Prediction of Algae Blooming and Its Control by Bubble Plume in a Eutrophicated Reservoir, Proc. 25th Cong., IAHR, Vol. 5, 1993

Numerical Simulation of Eutrophication Phenomena in a Reservoir by Means of Multi-layered Model, J. of Hydro Science and Hydraulic Engineering, 1992

Numerical Simulation of Water Quality in the Waterway Stratified by Heat and Salt, Proc. 6th Cong., APD-IAHR, 1988

Eutrophication Process in Stratified Reservoirs, Proc. XXII Cong., IAHR, 1987

Mathematical Simulation of Flow Induced by Uplifted Bubbles, Proc. XXII Cong., IAHR, 1987

Social Activities

Fellow of Japan Society of Civil Engineers

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