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Title Professor
Belong to Global Education Center, Language Education Program (English)
Languages and Cultures (graduate school)
College of Humanities
Graduated Ph.D. Program in English, University of California, Irvine
Degree Ph.D.
Field of Study English Literature
Research, Studies Late Victorian and Early Modern English Literature

Academic Papers, Critique

Hardy on Prosopopoeia. English: Journal of the English Association 66.252 (Spring 2017): 27-39.

Thomas Hardy's "The Voice of the Thorn": Its Significance as a Prosopopoeial Poem. The Explicator 75.3 (2017): 150-52.

Personification and Narrative: The Blurred Boundaries of the Inanimate in Hardy and Woolf. Narrative 23.1 (January 2015): 27-39.

Personification: Its Functions and Boundaries. Papers on Language and Literature 50.1 (Winter 2014): 90-107.

Djuna Barnes's Nightwood. The Explicator 69.4 (2011): 203-06.

Language, Violence, and Irrevocability: Speech Acts in Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Studies in the Novel 37.2 (Summer 2005): 208-22.

Thomas Hardy and the Language of the Inanimate. Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 43.4 (Autumn 2003): 897-912.

Eliot's Middlemarch. The Explicator 62.1 (Fall 2003): 13-15.

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