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Department of Biological Chemistry

About the Department of Biological Chemistry

As members of the human race, we use and depend on the various functions of the biological environment around us in our daily lives; for food, medicine, and chemical materials. Starting with the basics of modern-day biology and chemistry, the Department of Biological Chemistry widens its scope to give students the training and skills needed to advance the technology that enables us to exploit the natural world to our advantage. In addition, the course also provides a thorough grounding in the various applied fields of bio-technology, such as applied micro-biology and food chemistry, and equips students with all the skills required for a career in the front line of the bio-industries.

The department’s complete course is comprised of the following: the Basic Biology Model in which students study the basics of the origins of life, from the molecular level to the broader picture of the ecology and environment; the Applied Zoology Model encompassing the role and function in the eco-sphere of the animal kingdom, from the molecular and cellular level to individual animals; the Food Chemistry Model, dealing with the basics and applications of food and nutrition; and the Natural Chemistry and Applied Biology Model, with instruction in micro-biology and the function and application of naturally-occurring exploitable chemical compounds.

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