Support for Degree-Seeking International Students Support for Degree-Seeking International Students

Support for Degree-Seeking International Students

The Department of Academic Affairs and Student Services provides support related to living in Japan, classes and extracurricular activities, job hunting in Japan, etc.

The Division of Academic Support provides support for classes and credits, the Division of Student Support provides support for student life, and your academic advisor or the Division of Career Support provide support for looking for a job.

Support system for international students enrolled in the Undergraduate and Graduate courses

Academic Advisor

The Academic Advisor is a faculty member who serves as a consultant for international students on various issues of individual student life, as well as on academic matters. He/She provides appropriate guidance and advice, helps students find ways to make their lives more meaningful, and may write letters of recommendation when students are applying for scholarships.

Tuition Reduction

There is a tuition reduction system for privately financed international students whose status of residence is “College Student”. However, students who are enrolled beyond their original period of study are not eligible for reduction.


All information regarding scholarship opportunities for international students will be posted on the international student bulletin board. Students may not apply for more than one scholarship at a time. In addition, applications must be submitted by the applicant him/herself and must be received by the deadline indicated.

Scholarship nominees will be selected based on their academic performance and character (e.g., meeting deadlines for submitting documents, etc.).

International Student Bulletin Board

To provide necessary information to international students, an international student bulletin board is set up on the fourth floor of the Active Plaza (Fugen-Jikkokan). Important notices regarding scholarships, residency management, various events, etc. are posted on the bulletin board. There are also other bulletin boards on campus where you can find information regarding lost and found items, events, and various administrative procedures.

Study Trip for Matriculated International Students

Every year during the summer break, a study trip for international students is conducted. This trip is designed to provide international students with a deeper understanding of traditional Japanese culture and contemporary affairs. Many international students as well as their Academic Advisors participate in this study trip and have the opportunity to interact with each other.

  • This study trip is for international students enrolled in the undergraduate/graduate courses whose status of residence is “College Student.”
Study Trip for Matriculated International Students

Job Hunting Support

In general, there are a large number of international students who wish to find employment in Japan after graduation, but the reality is that only about 40% to 60% of graduates are able to find employment in Japan each year. It is said that the number of Japanese companies hiring international students has been increasing in recent years, but it remains difficult for international students to obtain job offers in Japan.

Chubu University offers job hunting support programs for 2nd year undergraduate students, 3rd year undergraduate students, 1st year master’s students and 2nd year doctoral students, as well as a variety of general assistance. By participating in those courses, you can deepen your understanding of Japanese-style job hunting, which can be confusing even for Japanese students.

The Division of Career Support also provides the following additional support for international students.

Courses to Support Job Hunting for Matriculated International Students

For matriculated international students (3rd year undergraduate students, 1st year master’s course students, 2nd year doctoral course students), the Division of Career Support provides job hunting support for students who wish to work for Japanese companies and develop their careers in Japan, with lectures from speakers who have experience in assisting many international students in finding a job in Japan. All courses are conducted in Japanese, and the program is tailored to the timing of jobhunting in Japan.

Individual Consultation

The Division of Career Support has staff who are in charge of international students and provide detailed and individualized employment support.