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Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

About the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Students participate in education and research programs using knowledge and technology in the fields of mathematical science (mathematics, data science, etc.) and physical science (physics, material science, space and earth science, etc.). In these programs, students cultivate the ability to learn autonomously, to think freely and logically, to have insight into and analyze the essence of things, to discover problems, to develop practical and sound solutions, and to enhance their communication skills, so that they become “reliable scientific engineers” who can be counted on to play a role in the development and innovation of new era.

Students learn the fundamental theories necessary for a scientific approach to problem – solving and master the related techniques for application through experiments, thereby systematically gaining a wide breadth of knowledge from the basics to application. We conduct highly specialized research that can be disseminated to the world worldwide and offer various classes taught by a diverse faculty with diverse perspectives. In this way, students will develop a broad perspective and a rich imagination to pioneer the next generation.

Through education that covers basic to applied science, students will develop the necessary foundation and skills for further growth after graduation, enabling them to take active roles in science and technology in various industrial fields or high schools as mathematics and science teachers.

Basic Information

DegreeBachelor of Science

Number of Students

1st Year43
2st Year54
Grand Total97

Number of Full-time Faculty Members

ProfessorAssociate ProfessorSenior Assistant ProfessorTotal
  • As of May 1, 2024