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Graduate School of Education

Fostering advanced professionals such as childcare providers, educators, and researchers with advanced professional knowledge and the ability to systematically support the foundations of character development up to adolescence.

Specialized subjects based on pedagogy, early childhood education, educational psychology, and subject pedagogy are offered, with the aim of fostering specialists with high expertise and comprehensive skills, and who boldly take on the challenge of solving various problems.

About the Graduate School of Education

Currently, the situation surrounding children in our country is serious.
For example, fewer children are in contact with nature as a result of the urbanization phenomenon, the penetration of visual digital culture, intensifying competition in the midst of globalization, and the rapid weakening of human relationships.
In this context, many problems concerning children, such as violence, bullying, truancy, delinquency, and suicide, have arisen, and it is becoming increasingly important to enter graduate school to study in order to deal with such problems in the field of education.

Based on this background, this course aims to produce experts in education and childcare who will boldly take on the challenge of solving these problems. We cultivate specialists with a high level of expertise and comprehensive abilities through a variety of specialized courses based on pedagogy and childcare, educational psychology, and subject pedagogy. The school aims to produce experts in education and childcare who will boldly take on the challenge of solving these problems.


Department of Education: Master’s Course

The Department of Education has three major fields: (1) Pedagogy and Childcare, (2) Educational Psychology, and (3) Subject Education.

In Pedagogy and Childcare, we will explore the foundations of practical research aimed at improving the teaching skills of teachers and the practical skills of childcare workers.

In Educational Psychology, we will pursue the practical ability of educators to ensure the healthy growth of children throughout preschool and school age, amidst concerns about the developmental crisis of children. In Subject Education, we pursue social studies pedagogy with a view to the deterioration of social ethics and the weakening of literacy, which are attracting attention in a knowledge-based society, and physical education, which is the basis of healthy child development.

Basic Information

DegreeMaster’s degree:
Master of Education

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Master’s degree1212

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