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Introduction of 'Media Conversion' techniques, nurturing graduates of action who think on their own two feet.

About the College of Humanities

It is often said that Japanese high school students are not adept at theory development or creative reasoning. To compensate for this, there is ‘cultured education’ – thinking according to a set of values created by oneself, and having the ability to discern for oneself. This ‘cultured education’ is not limited to one area of knowledge; it is the refining of the mind and accumulation of wisdom.

The College of Humanities does not simply provide a student with knowledge, it nurtures the students’ ability to create their own thoughts and opinions and to express them based on our motto ‘To consider questions for ourselves, here and now’. In order to achieve this, we introduce ‘Media conversion’. Students read, listen, and discuss a particular theme or concept, and through the study of various media including image and speech media, they refine their powers of expression, planning, and creativity. The aim of this College is to cultivate graduates who posses a cultured education in the humanities.

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