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Chubu district’s automobile, machine tools, and aviation technology industries boast worldwide fame. Even in these manufacturing fields, however, the emphasis on information technology is on the increase, creating an immediate demand for information science specialists. The Department of Information Science, which was established to respond to this demand, aims to produce discerning and highly educated engineers and researchers in the fields of software, hardware, communications networks, and systems control. Software Technology, Computer Applications, and System Control are the three models provided by this complete course. Through the study of this course students gain fundamental academic competencies that prepare them to adapt to the rapid progression of technology, as well as acquire practical skills and attain the ability to apply their knowledge and expertise needed to lead the information-orientated society of the 21st century.

More and more, the influence of IT impacts a wide variety of fields. From the information management departments of numerous industries, to information communications and network-related businesses, the path of information science is ever widening.

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