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Department of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

About the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Students learn essential knowledge and skills in mathematical science, which is the foundation of AI robotics, as well as system design, programming, control and signal processing, artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, and other basic science and engineering knowledge and skills necessary for robot implementation. Students also acquire interdisciplinary academic expertise and the ability to integrate technology. We train engineers who can demonstrate leadership and contribute to various problems in the next-generation society worldwide.

Students can acquire the knowledge and skills required to understand and use modern AI technology and the knowledge and skills related to robot development and operation through various lectures and practical training that link the two fields.

In the field of AI, students learn cutting-edge AI theories, including deep learning, and acquire a practical understanding of related technologies through hands-on training courses. Following that, students aim to obtain AI-related certifications.

In the robotics field, students learn the fundamentals of robot development through repeated design, prototyping, assembly, and operation in mechanical, circuit, control, and software subject groups and various practical training courses.
(Reorganized from the Department of Robotic Science and Technology in the College of Engineering in April 2023.)

Basic Information

DegreeBachelor of Engineering

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1st Year92
Grand Total92

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  • As of May 1, 2023