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Department of International Studies

Fostering individuals with a rich spirit and the ability to think and take action, by offering “international studies” in a flexible and multidisciplinary manner

About the Department of International Studies

With Asian, African and Latin American nations increasingly expanding their presence in international relations, the world is now moving into true globalization. In other words – globalization involving these regions, rather than centering on Western countries. At the same time, however, the world is experiencing increasingly fierce religious conflicts. To understand the way the world interacts, it is becoming ever more important to understand a diversity of cultures.

To survive in this age of globalization and diversity, we need to take an interdisciplinary approach that enables an organic linkage of culture, politics, economy, law, society and religion, and a comparative analysis of regions around the world, both from historical and future perspectives. To respond to these changes in social situations, the Department of International Studies has introduced a flexible and cross-disciplinary education system – including regional studies and languages – that enables students to design their curriculums on the basis of their interests and prospective careers. Together with faculty members from a broad range of fields, we provide “tailor-made” education in international studies for individual students to train and enrich their minds and develop their ability to both think and take action.

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