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Approach to the Preventive Medicine-based and Care-based Healthcare

About the College of Life and Health Sciences

With the dramatic increase in incidences of diseases related with living habits or caused by re-emergent or newly emergent types of infectious diseases, it has become difficult to maintain overall health of humans by the traditional type of medical care and treatment centered on the doctor. To overcome the situation, there are two types of approach, “Preventive Medicine-based Healthcare” which is becoming increasingly important and which involves stages before the onset of illness, and “Care-based Community Medical Services”, which is intended for chronic diseases. The Life and Health Sciences College is working to train professionals who can act in these new fields of heal care, medical and welfare services.

Basic Information

DegreeDepartment of Biomedical Sciences:
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences
Department of Nursing:
Bachelor of Nursing
Department of Physical Therapy:
Bachelor of Physical Therapy
Department of Occupational Therapy:
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Department of Clinical Engineering:
Bachelor of Clinical Engineering
Department of Lifelong Sports and Health Sciences:
Bachelor of Lifelong Sports and Health Sciences

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